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Monday, October 14, 2013

Top for better

Hello everybody! I'm back after all the stressful activities that we have done in school we survived, its what i think. I have here my latest look, we took this when we are taping for our requirement in school. We taped in the roof top. That day was so hot but it is so cool because we loved what we are doing, so it's worth it. I am wearing a Sophisticated and Hype log sleeve, a Mac cut off, a Penshoppe satchel bag and a blue shoes.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

All i can see is you

"Rain" it is the perfect time for me to take a rest because it is the only moment i can get a headstart! The right moment to get back to past. I remember all the crazy, the sadness, and the unexplained things that i overcome with my friends, and best friends. Also, it is the right moment to take a photo shoot with my SisBro(Erick).

I am wearing a Blue Cardigan from Oxygen, a Umbrae sando from Oxygen, a Gray Oxygen Skinny Jeans and a Blue Shoes from Penshoppe.

Take you to become rude

I feel like i was so meaningless and nothing when i decided to take a new hair cut. After cutting my hair with my stylist, i looked into the mirror and realizes that my new hair cut was looking great, but after i got home they laughed on me because they don't liked it. I feel so much regret and it feels like i was dying and that hair look in the salon was flipped on to worst. Thinking my nine months old hair and still in regrets. Many days had past but moving on isn't still working. Inside me was crying because i just let my own crown put it in trash without thinking a thousand times . I really blamed my self that time and i started to wait for nine months again to let my shiny and long hair be back. Finally i moved on i accept the reality that it was really happened.
I am wearing a vintage Giordano sweater, an gray skinny jeans from oxygen a brown leather shoes and a aviator shades from Ray Ban.

Gravity exist

 Here i am again, and i'm glad to be back! I know that it's been a very, a very long time of no posting! It is because, i just want to find my self and to know who i am. I am now in my 2nd year of studying as a college student. There were so many things that happened in some sort of sadness, happiness, a very stressful school works and activities, and many more but still i didn't stop to make my self inspired everyday through fashion. Here are some of my latest but uploads just love it and i hope you like it.

I don't have any idea or plan in doing this kind of photo shoot it just came into my mind that i need some relief through dressing myself. In this look i wear sophisticated and hype aqua blue long sleeves, an oxygen printed top, a black and white strip short, a brown leather, and an Oakley sling bag.

Looking for nothing but your love.

Totally i'm with red spirit and the color is obviously stunning. I took these photos in our backyard because i feel so good to take outdoor pictures that time. Thanks to my sisbro for helping me to do this.

I am wearing a Bench collar shirt, Levis red skinny jeans, red strips bow tie, and a blue loaf shoes. One more thing this look is also in my lookbook account you can hype them if you like it.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

in formal

So crazy but good, now im with this satchel bag again which is my favorite bag i've ever had. This bag means a lot to me whom made my day always very happy and comfortable, because when im in rush i easily get the things i want to get inside it unlike the other bags.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

dark as mark in bright

People get tense if they don't know how their cloths look like without seeing it on the mirror, But there is one good thing about not looking yourself reflection. Try to put some trust in yourself and be confident about the style you've created for yourself...

Well i used to choose this satchel bag to pair with those slight dark colors with this brown shoes..Make the bright one as the pull over all the shine..